You've planned your birth. You've planned the nursery. 

Now it's time to plan for postpartum.


Whether you are seeking postpartum doula services or placenta encapsulation or both, with Motherline you will receive unwavering, non-judgmental support as you enter the newborn stage with your family's newest addition.  A postpartum doula will be there as you navigate feeding issues, recover from birth, bond with baby, and adjust to your new normal. A postpartum placenta specialist will provide in-home encapsulation and be there to answer all of your questions so you can be certain to receive the highest quality encapsulation experience. We also offer belly binding services in order to meet all the postpartum needs of Triangle families. 

When your partner returns to work, your family goes back home, and the casseroles stop coming, we'll still be there, focusing on you so you can focus on what matters. Contact Motherline today so we can plan a postpartum time that is supported, rested, and right for you. Let Motherline be your lifeline through postpartum.