You guys, I love Halloween! I love the Autumn weather and the beautiful Fall leaves. I love seeing all the kids and babies in their costumes. I love carving pumpkins and decorating the house. And I'll be honest, I love the candy.

But I have never been a very crafty mom when it comes to Do It Yourself Halloween costumes. Party City and I have a good relationship and I'm fine with that. But if this is your baby's first Halloween, you might be itching to test out your DIY skills. Or you might just be too darn tired to drag you and baby out to a store and shop for costumes.

Never fear! I have compiled the EASIEST homemade costume list around. You need zero Pinterest ability to make these costumes.

So, without further ado:

Our Top 5 DIY Halloween Costumes

1. Baby Octopus

What you will need: 1) a solid colored onesie; 2) 4 pairs of baby tights; 3) socks; 4) safety pins

How to: For a sea creature theme, a blue or green or purple onesie will work best. If you can, try and match the color of the tights to the onesie. Cut the legs off of three of the pairs of tights and stuff with socks. Close up with safety pins and pin to the onesie. Dress baby in the remaining pair of tights and onesie and voila, you have a baby octopus, complete with 8 tentacles.

2. Baseball

What you will need: 1) a white onesie; 2) a red Sharpie

How to: This is about as easy as it gets when it comes to DIY costumes. For this, draw a half circle on both sides of the onesie, front and back, with your red Sharpie. Then go across the half circles making small red lines to represent the stitches on a baseball. When you're finished drawing your lines, you'll have a baby baseball. How easy was that?! Throw in a tiny Cubs hat and you'll have a timely World Series-themed costume.

3. Black Cat

What you will need: 1) black onesie; 2) black tights; 3) cat ears headband or black beanie; 4) black eyeliner pencil

How to: For this one, you may need to hit up Amazon to order a kitty cat headband or black beanie, one with ears would be even better. Dress your little one all in black and use your eyeliner pencil to draw whiskers. Meow!

4. Baby Minion

What you will need: 1) denim overalls; 2) yellow long-sleeved onesie; 3) yellow beanie; 4) black Sharpie or black construction paper

How to: Depending on whether you want to reuse the overalls and beanie, you can either decorate with a black Sharpie or black construction paper. On the overalls, draw a a Gru "G" symbol (or cut out of construction paper and pin on). On the beanie, use your black marker to draw a pair of goggles. Dress baby in yellow onesie, overalls, and hat and you are well on your way to villain-hood with your very own minion.

5. Charlie Brown

What you will need: 1) yellow shirt; 2) black pants; 3) black electrical tape or black Sharpie

How to: Use your black tape or black Sharpie to create a Chevron stripe on the front of the yellow shirt. Dress baby in yellow shirt and black pants. This costume is particularly good for a bald baby.

So, there you go - the easiest do it yourself Halloween costumes for your little one. Go forth and get candy!