One of my guilty pleasures in life are tabloids, or should I say "entertainment" magazines. Yes, that sounds better. I love having a spare hour to grab a coffee and thumb through the glossy pages - my mind can wander and I don't have to focus on anything important. I always get a laugh out of the section with pictures of celebrities doing everyday things - buying groceries, walking their dogs, hailing a taxi. Celebrities - they're just like us! Isn't it amazing?!

And here's what I'd love to see included in one of those "Just Like Us" sections - having their placenta encapsulated.

Because I want you to know: placenta encapsulation is not something just for fancy-schmancy, Hollywood types. You don't have to be a celebrity to consume your placenta. Although it is fantastic that placenta encapsulation is getting media attention, it shouldn't be seen as something only for celebrities.

Why not? Because the benefits of placenta encapsulation are wonderful for ALL moms, not just Hollywood moms.

Women who consume their placentas after birth often experience improved postpartum moods, an increase in milk supply, quicker recovery from birth, and an overall better balance to their post-birth hormones. More and more moms who have experienced milk supply issues or postpartum mood disorders with previous births are researching and choosing placenta encapsulation as part of their postpartum recovery plan. Placenta consumption is something that almost all mammals do and even humans have been doing it for thousands of years, albeit not quite in the spotlight that it's in today.

Kim Kardashian didn't consume her placenta because she was a celebrity. She did it because she was a mom looking for extra support during the postpartum recovery period and wanted a plan to help restore her balance after birth quickly. Isn't that something we all want?

It's becoming clear that these celebrities who consume their placentas are just like us everyday moms. Not the other way around.

But, with all that being said, I still believe you deserve a little VIP treatment. That's why Motherline's Postpartum Placenta Specialist only prepares placentas in the client's home. This is the highest standard of care and the only way you can be confident that you are consuming your own placenta and that it was prepared in an environment that meets your standards of excellence. All clients are given a hospital transport kit so that their placenta never leaves their care from the moment it is delivered to the moment they bring it home from the hospital. Our Postpartum Placenta Specialist has completed a blood borne pathogen course in accordance with OSHA standards and is trained in the proper care and handling of all encapsulation equipment.

The star treatment doesn't end there, either.

While your Postpartum Placenta Specialist is in your home, she will also help with your postpartum recovery and needs. Tidying the kitchen, loading the dishwasher, troubleshooting any breastfeeding issues you might be having, listening to your birth story, answering newborn care questions - these are all things that we are happy to assist you with during the placenta encapsulation process. Our service goes beyond just dropping off a package of pills at the front door. We want to make sure that you feel supported, both physically and emotionally. To learn more about our placenta encapsulation and postpartum doula services, visit us here.

You don't have to be a celebrity to have your placenta encapsulated. But if you want to be treated like one, we're happy to oblige!

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