Uh oh. Is it just me or did Mother's Day totally sneak up on you this year? Isn't it normally in the middle of May? Who in the world thought it was a good idea to let Mother's Day happen so early?!

So, if you're like me and Mother's Day caught you off guard, you might be scrambling for some last minute gift ideas for your mom, your wife, your partner, the mother of your children, whoever.

Don't worry, I've got you covered. Any of these things can be thrown together last minute, but can still be a meaningful and appreciated gift

  • Book a Massage: Yes, it's last minute and yes, most places might already be booked, but call around until you can get her in someplace. Choose something special, like a hot stone massage, or throw in a little something extra, like champagne or chocolate strawberries if they offer that service. The key here is to book everything ahead of time and then let her know you've got things covered with the kids. All she has to do is show up.

  • Interview the Kids: One of my favorite things about Mother's Day when my kids were little, was that their preschool would ask them questions about me and then write down their (always hilarious) answers. How old is your mom? 14 (Yep, I look that young!) What is your mom's favorite thing to do? Clean the counters (Note to self - get some hobbies.) What is your mom's favorite drink? Wine (Ok, they got me on that one.) But the point is, these interviews are great for a laugh but also make a super sweet keepsake that Mom will enjoy looking at years to come. If you can't think of your own questions, there are some great printables here and here.
  • Flowers: Yes, it sounds generic, but flowers really do make a lovely gift. If you want your bouquet of flowers to stand out from the crowd, get the kids involved and make your own. If you have flowers in your yard, send the kids out to pick their own bouquet. Or go on a nature walk and have them find some special "treasures."  Flowers don't have to be the store-bought expensive kind - they can be a clump of clover mixed in with some azalea branches and tied together with lariope. The more unique, the better.
  • A Handmade Card: If you forgot about Mother's Day, you might be tempted to dart out to Hallmark and pick through whatever is left on the shelf. Resist the urge and instead get creative. Do you have any old photos lying around of her and the kids? (Or do you have enough time to run out to Target and have them printed off your phone?) Cut and paste them into a collage. Or get out a large sheet of paper and trace your kids' hands on it. Then have them write (or write for them) one thing they love about mom/grandmom on each digit. A special card with these personal touches will really impress her.
  • Wine: There's not a lot to say on this one (see that part above where my children were interviewed about what I like to drink). Moms love wine. For real.
  • Uninterrupted Time: I know this doesn't sound amazing, but it is my personal favorite. Sometimes all moms really need on Mother's Day is some time to themselves. Maybe she would like to sit at Starbucks and drink coffee and read for hours. Maybe she'd like to have the time to meet some friends for lunch and a movie. Or maybe she needs to just get away and not tell anyone what she's doing. This gift does not take much planning at all. Just let her know that you have everything under control at home and she is to leave and not come back until whenever. (Bonus points if the house isn't trashed and you have something prepared for dinner when she gets back.)

So, there it is. Even if you totally forgot about Mother's Day, it's not too late to honor the mom in your life.

You could easily do every thing on this list and really wow her. Go for it! And Happy Mother's Day.