"Kelly is simply amazing! Wish Motherline had existed when my other 2 were born!"

~ Mandy P. (mother of 3)

"Kelly is awesome! I wasn't sure if her services would really be necessary for us since it was for a second child, but boy was it ever. Kelly helped me find balance between taking care of myself, my newborn, and my toddler. I had BIG anxiety/issues after my first son and was kind of dreading how this second post-partum experience would be, especially since I was "adding" a toddler into the mix (knowing what it's like to have a newborn in the house). Kelly was so helpful. I cannot stress enough how the fact that I feel calm, assured, and healthy is thanks to her help. She was integral to my post-partum recovery, both physically and mentally. The little things she does really add up to a lot!! New moms - register for this service instead or in addition to whatever fill-in-the-blank baby item you think you will need. You will not regret it. In fact, everyone who I mentioned Kelly to (including myself!) said that they wish they'd known about her with their first child. She is really, really great!!!

~ Cathy L. (mother of 2)

"My husband and I never considered having a post partum doula until our family gifted us time with Kelly. My husband was a little hesitant at first but after our first visit with Kelly, knew she was just what we needed after the birth of our second child. Kelly was a phenomenal doula. She was a breath of fresh air in the midst of adjusting to 2 kids. After her first post partum visit I felt refreshed (hard to feel with a one week old) and relaxed (a feeling which continued with the rest of her visits). She was able to get to know us by asking great questions (without being too invasive). She helped us process adjusting to two kids, caring for each other, and how we were bonding with our newborn all without us feeling like we were in therapy, just through casual conversation.  She offered advice and ideas as she saw potential issues arising (as I was slumped to nurse, she suggested other positions that were much more relaxed and comfortable). She was willing to serve in multiple ways from playing cars with my older son, to cooking great meals or helping me master babywearing.

Kelly not only helped me with my immediate needs (cooking, cleaning, babywearing, talking about my adjustment to life with two) but she set me up for success when I would be on my own, not doing everything for me, but giving me ideas, brainstorming with me, providing healthy and easy ideas for meals and giving me encouragement each day she was with us. We miss her as she seamlessly became part of our family while she was here. My son still asks when she is coming over to play. I wish she could come once a week forever. Her legacy lives on in our family as we continue to use her recipe ideas and use lots of the baby advice she gave us from soothing techniques to babywearing. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone who is thinking of or is hesitant to the idea of a postpartum doula. She is knowledgeable and kind and figures out how she can serve her clients."

~ Alison E. (mother of 2)

I was totally in the dark about postpartum doula's when I started my journey with Kelly. I am a Nurse Practitioner, very much focused on the medical aspect of birth and the postpartum period without much allowance for any alternative methods, if you will.

My delivery came and went and I began to experience both common and unique challenges of mothering two kids. I have a rambunctious 2.5 year old and my newborn and a husband traveling 3 days/week. My newborn developed painful reflux and we started having odd breastfeeding issues that had no "easy" fix. I was trucking from Doctor to LC trying to figure this out all while my household, husband, and myself suffered.

I found Kelly through a God sent Facebook post and started working with her when my son was 8 weeks old. The things she did for me during our extended time together were truly what brought us through the hard times. I had no idea what a postpartum doula was or did, but can share that Kelly did it all. She came with me to the million doctor appointments, helped me retain what was said, used her referral network for our complex feeding/breastfeeding issues through which my son was diagnosed with his lip and tongue tie, helped us through the surgical period, played and read with my two year old in an imaginative, energetic, and caring way, brought her own carrier to wear my baby to give me a break, meal planned delicious things even with constraints of a very strict elimination diet, cooked, shopped, moved the laundry along, assessed and gave tips to help us through the "fourth trimester" while helping me meet my goals for my son, made sure I was fed, hydrated, and showered, listened to me while I fell apart and helped me bring it back together. She did this all in the most gentle manner. She observed how I led my life and simply helped keep it on track. She was instrumental in preparing me to be successful on my own feeding and putting two children to bed in the evening and keeping my household together.  Never forcing her own opinion, never criticizing or making me feel badly about anything.  She fit in seamlessly with my family and I could not be more grateful. 

To say that I highly recommend Kelly would be a gross understatement.

~ Alison B. (mother of 2)



"Initially, I was unsure of how my wife and I would benefit from a post partum doula. Those questions of what are the benefits were answered immediately. Kelly provided great knowledge for caring and getting to know our newborn but more than that she empowered my wife with reassurances and praise for how well she was performing as a mother. Additionally, by simply helping us plan meals, doing certain chores and engaging and entertaining our 3 year old, she freed my wife up to relax and concentrate on nurturing our newborn and get the rest she needed and deserved. This in turn empowered me to go to work or run errands without fear of having to be on standby or having to stick close to the house out of fear of potential emergencies or whatever issues may arise. Essentially, Kelly actually does what your family says they'll do.  In other words, when they say they'll come over to "help out" what they really mean is, we'll come hold the baby while you do the stuff you're too tired to do to begin with. Kelly on the other hand, helps with the not so fun stuff and encourages you to rest and relax, rather than entertain family who only want baby face time."

~ Rodney L. (father of 2)

"Kelly is amazing at what she does, if it wasn't for her I would have given up completely on breastfeeding. She was so encouraging and supportive. Every time she left my house I felt very relaxed and at ease with my newborn. Plus she makes amazing eggs. So amazing we had to have a cooking class on them!"

~ Stacie L. (mother of 1)

"Kelly was unbelievable and worth every penny and minute. She is both knowledgeable and helpful. What I appreciated most is it seemed she magically knew what needed to be done without my having to bring it up. Whether it was ensuring I had proper meals, drank enough water, napped, or took a long shower, she ensured I was well taken care of...while taking care of the baby, too! She made delicious and healthy meals that we could eat fresh or freeze to have for later. My husband works from home so Kelly also ensured he was taken care of, informed, and knew how he could be an active and helpful dad and husband. Sometimes, it takes an external party to communicate the right messages.

Besides the 'doing,' she also provided a wealth of knowledge. While there are many resources out there, I found her 'it's the little things' tips valuable. For example, I did not realize I needed to soothe my baby for a while before putting him down as it took about 20 minutes for him to get into a deep sleep. She also helped with working through how to ensure our guests were helpful rather than us playing host with a newborn to take care of. There are certainly many more examples."

~ Georgie B. (mother of 1)